Oh, Dearest Mother, Sweetest Virgin of Altagracia, our Patroness. You are our Advocate and to you we recommend our needs. You are our Teacher and like disciples we come to learn from the example of your holy life. You are our Mother, and like children, we come to offer you all of the love of our hearts. Receive, dearest Mother, our offerings and listen attentively to our supplications. Amen.

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Welcome! 4Real provides peer support for Catholic parent home educators committed to nurturing learning in a Catholic family atmosphere. We support families who design their own course of home studies, be it in whole or part. We emphasize the Church's Liturgical Year, living books, nature, beauty in art, music, and natural methods of learning. 4Real has its roots in a Catholic Charlotte Mason Yahoo group and has grown by providing a welcome to like-minded parents, especially those who are new to home education (homeschooling) or the Catholic faith. 4Real hopes to continue its ministry emphasizing 'Living Learning' discussions that are rich in ideas, gratifying, inspiring, and encourage creativity. This do-it-yourself desire will be further supported by 'Home as Haven' chats. We are closed Sundays and other special days.

We warmly invite you to join us in participating in this community. Grab a cup of tea and read more About Us.

A Living Education
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Read Only [no new replies] Living Learning  Moderators: Mackfam SuzanneG Erin
Join us as we design & adapt curriculum to meet our needs, emphasizing living books and hands-on education as we live our learning!
2580 28545 7/4/2015 at 5:06pm
by MarilynWView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Planning and Ordering our Days  Moderators: Mackfam Erin CrunchyMom
Gather 'round your favorite baskets, pens, planners, pretty paper, post-its, label maker, a fresh cup of tea, and join us!
447 5583 7/1/2015 at 12:39pm
by SeaStarView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Domestic Church  Moderators: MaryM CrunchyMom JennGM
Share ideas for living the liturgical year, sacrament preparation, and teaching and living the Faith including a variety of resources and educational materials.
3865 34306 7/2/2015 at 7:16am
by jawgeeView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Language Arts Come Alive  Moderators: Mackfam Erin
Let's talk about the particulars of reading and writing, including copywork, dictation, and narration.
1143 7900 7/2/2015 at 10:14am
by Erica SanchezView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Picture Book Discoveries  Moderators: SuzanneG SeaStar
Share great titles, experiences and unit study ideas featuring picture books your family loves!
971 6381 7/4/2015 at 1:40am
by knowloveserveView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Living Literature  Moderators: SuzanneG SeaStar
Excited about a particular living book? Looking for a good read for your children? Join us here to discuss great literature and poetry.
1060 8499 7/4/2015 at 5:09pm
by MarilynWView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Living and Loving Numbers  Moderators: MaryM cathhomeschool
A chance to share mathematical ideas and discoveries and to discuss both curricula and living math.
678 4490 5/27/2015 at 6:04pm
by OuizView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Across Time and Place  Moderators: guitarnan Erin
Join us as we explore the history, geography, languages, celebration days, cultures and customs of the world through living books, unit studies, field trips, projects and more.
1465 10656 7/4/2015 at 6:09pm
by cheesehead momView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Exploring God's Creation in Nature and Science  Moderators: Mackfam MaryM
Let's discuss the treasures of nature study and pursuing the sciences through living books and hands-on experiments.
1620 11913 6/26/2015 at 2:25pm
by SuzanneGView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] The Arts in the Everyday  Moderators: SuzanneG MaryM
Nurture your creative side and discuss practical approaches to art, music, drama, and dance.
940 6167 7/2/2015 at 4:04pm
by pumpkinmomView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Nurturing the Years of Wonder   Moderators: Mackfam Erin
Nurturing the joy-filled years of early childhood. Exploring natural and gentle learning opportunities within the family. Ordering the environment, fostering good habits and much more!
1010 8803 7/2/2015 at 8:50am
by SaraPView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] High School Years and Beyond  Moderators: Chari guitarnan Angie Mc
The ins and outs of high school course selection, transcripts, and the challenges and adventures of education beyond high school...and more!
905 8080 5/22/2015 at 1:18pm
by SeaStarView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Special Blessings  Moderators: SeaStar
A place to share and to encourage as we raise children with special needs.
360 2680 6/11/2015 at 1:58pm
by guitarnanView Last Post

Home as Haven
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Open Forum [no new posts] We Pray to the Lord  Moderators: Angie Mc guitarnan
Bring your prayer requests here. We promise to pray for your intentions. Expect miracles.
8391 148450 7/4/2015 at 10:25am
by guitarnanView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Hidden Treasure  Moderators: SeaStar
Come join the search for Hidden Treasure with your 4Real friends as we explore together ways to live a life of dedication to the virtues of Mary.
194 2075 2/24/2015 at 5:41am
by PilgrimView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Philosophy of Education  Moderators: CrunchyMom
Conversation, considerations and questions about the great ideas, curricula and methods that inspire us.
208 3196 6/13/2015 at 7:49pm
by KathrynView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Our Lady's Loom, Larder, and Laundry  Moderators: stefoodie JodieLyn CrunchyMom
Join us to discuss the arts and organization involved in making a house a home: cooking, cleaning, sewing, handicrafts and more.
2842 28664 6/15/2015 at 11:09am
by CrunchyMomView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Our Lady of Good Remedy and Care  Moderators: JodieLyn CrunchyMom
A place to discuss topics and ideas related to personal care & beauty, fitness, natural remedies, and healthy living.
1112 10720 6/20/2015 at 7:37am
by PilgrimView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Mothering and Family Life  Moderators: JodieLyn hylabrook1
Share thoughts on the joys, blessings, and challenges of family life and mothering.
2432 30275 7/4/2015 at 6:20am
by PilgrimView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Book Club  Moderators: SuzanneG Chari
Come journey with other mothers as we discover and discuss books that enrich our lives and feed our hearts and souls.
249 3933 6/26/2015 at 12:18am
by knowloveserveView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] St. Anne's Tearoom: Growing in Wisdom over 40  Moderators: Angie Mc hylabrook1
"Strength and beauty are her clothing, and she shall laugh in the latter day...Her children rose up, and called her blessed: her husband, and he praised her." Come laugh with us!
144 2285 1/20/2015 at 5:15pm
by SallyTView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Tea and Conversation  Moderators: cathhomeschool JodieLyn hylabrook1
Join us for a digital cup of tea and sharing conversations that are encouraging, supportive, and informative.
6483 76253 7/3/2015 at 10:48pm
by countrymomView Last Post

Message Board Helps
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Read Only [no new replies] About Us  Moderators: administrator
Interested in finding out more about who we are? Read here.
13 30 10/31/2011 at 8:22am
by 4RealModeratorsView Last Post
Read Only [no new replies] Technical Help!  Moderators: theNetSmith
The place to report problems, ask for help, or suggest ways to enhance the forum.
173 799 6/23/2015 at 12:20am
by JodieLynView Last Post
Our Lady of Altagracia,
pray for us!
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